How Medications Can Affect Your Oral Health

Members of our dental plans are likely to know that sugary foods and beverages, along with poor oral hygiene, can have a negative impact on dental health. But it may not be well known that certain medications can also affect your oral health. Some do this by causing dry mouth, or inhibiting the healthy flow of saliva, which helps to neutralize and wash away bacteria. Others can interfere with the development of permanent teeth during early childhood, and others can cause gum problems.

What are some of the medications that can cause dry mouth or gum problems?


Drugs used in chemotherapy


Oral contraceptives

Medications that can directly harm the teeth include cough syrups that contain sugar (brush after taking), aspirin (if chewed), and certain asthma drugs. As teeth are forming, parents of young children should be aware that tetracycline, as well as excessive fluoride, can discolor teeth.

The credentialed dentists in our dental plans are qualified to answer your questions about the particular medications you are taking. Your dentist or hygienist is likely to ask you about medications you are taking, especially if they spot problems. Since our dental plans offer you savings on exams and x-rays, you can afford to schedule regular checkups and stay on top of any oral health problems caused by medications.

With dental insurance, your visit to a dentist may not be covered for some procedures, you may have a waiting period before a procedure is covered due to plan design limitations, or your dental insurance plan may not cover the exam or consultation.

With our dental plans, you don’t have to wait until you are eligible for a procedure to be covered, and there are no deductibles or copayments at the time of the visit, or afterwards.

You will also save 15% to 60% on every single visit to a network dentist.

To find out more about how specific medications can affect your oral health, contact one of the dentists in our dental plans. By taking advantage of quality, personalized dental care, you can be assured that you are doing what you can to maintain good oral health. Look up dentists in your area who participate in New Dental Choice dental plans.



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