Our dental plans are an alternative to dental insurance

Are you paying too much for dental insurance? Whether you already have dental coverage or are looking for coverage, New Dental Choice is the best option for you. Our affordable dental plans are one of the best alternatives to dental insurance. Take a look at the following benefit comparison between New Dental Choice and Dental Insurance and learn why New Dental Choice helps you take care of all your dental needs without the hassle of dental insurance.

More affordable

Included New Dental Choice is only $96/individual or $120/family per year
Not included Dental insurance can cost more than $500/individual and $1,000 family each year

Easier to use

Included New Dental Choice activates immediately for dental care
Not included Dental insurance has 6-18 month waiting periods for major treatments

No plan restrictions

Included With New Dental Choice, you save on all dental treatments, all the time!
Not included Dental insurance has yearly maximums and excludes certain procedures like teeth whitening
Compare New Dental Choice to Dental Insurance below:
New Dental Choice Dental Insurance
Plan activates immediately YES NO
Waiting periods for dental care NO YES
Plan restrictions NO YES
Annual maximums NO YES
Includes cosmetic dentistry YES NO
Paperwork hassles NO YES

We know how frustrating and confusing it can be to research traditional dental insurance and dental plans before making a decision about what is best for you and your family. When you enroll in our New Dental Choice discount dental plan, we are proud to welcome you to a family of members who choose to join a dental plan that is created by dentists for patients!

We look forward to showing you why our discount dental plans are more affordable than traditional dental insurance. For instance, when you enroll in our discount dental plans you pay only $96 per individual or $120 per family per year. Compare this with traditional dental insurance that can cost more than $500 per individual and $1,000 per family per year - ouch!

Since New Dental Choice’s entire dental plan has been created by practicing dentists, we know how to help you get more for less. When you enroll in our dental plans, your membership activates instantly and is ready to use right away. Compare this with dental insurance that may impose waiting periods for major treatment coverage ranging from six to eighteen months!

When you join our New Dental Choice discount dental plans, we are proud to offer you a dental plan membership with no deductibles, restrictions, exclusions, limitations, or confusing fee schedules. When you join a New Dental Choice dental plan, you will save up to 60 percent on all common dental procedures each time you use your membership card. Compare this with traditional dental insurance that imposes yearly coverage maximums and that probably excludes common dental procedures like teeth whitening.

To learn more about how to join a New Dental Choice discount dental plan, or if you are ready to enroll in a dental plan today, our customer care team is standing by! Ready to enroll in dental plans today, our customer care team is standing by!

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