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New Dental Choice FAQ's

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about New Dental Choice. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact a New Dental Choice Plan Specialist at (888) 632-7558 or contact us online.

Getting Started +
What is New Dental Choice? +
New Dental Choice is an affordable dental program available to anyone at any age who doesn’t have dental insurance or who wishes to supplement their current dental plan. New Dental Choice members have immediate, unlimited access to affordable dental care at more than 100,000 participating dentists nationwide.
Who’s eligible for a New Dental Choice plan? +
Everyone. With New Dental Choice, there are no limitations, so join today by filling out the online enrollment form.
Is New Dental Choice dental insurance? +
New Dental Choice is not insurance. Members enjoy immediate and unlimited savings on all dental services, with no waiting periods or spending caps. For more information about the difference between New Dental Choice and dental insurance click here.
What types of procedures are discounted by New Dental Choice? +
The discounts apply to all dental services. You’ll save an average of 15% to 60% off regular office fees.
How soon can I begin using my membership? +
Once your plan is effective, you’ll receive an email confirmation that includes your Membership ID. You’ll then be mailed your membership card and plan details, which should arrive within five to seven business days. If you need to begin using your membership immediately, log in to My Account to download or print a copy of your membership card prior to receiving yours in the mail.
Can I add more dependents, and will there be an additional charge? +
Yes, if you’re on a family plan, you can add additional dependents any time, at no additional cost. Log in to My Account and select Make Changes under the Plan Summary. Or, if you’re on an individual plan, call us at 888-632-3676. We’ll need the first and last name, date of birth, and relationship to the member of the additional eligible dependent(s). Your membership fee will change if you change membership type. For dependent eligibility details, click here.
Account information +
Will you notify me when my yearly membership is due to renew? +
Yes, we’ll contact you at least 30 days before your membership renewal date to remind you.
What if I lose my membership card? +
If you know your membership ID, log in to My Account and download or print a copy of your membership card. Don’t remember your ID? Give us a call at (888) 632-3676.
Do I have access to my plan details online? +
Yes, with secure, easy, online access, you can log in to your New Dental Choice account – anytime it’s convenient – to add or remove family members, update payment information, and view and print your member ID card. When it comes to your New Dental Choice account, you’re in the driver’s seat.
What if I want to change my payment source? +
Log in to My Account and select Manage Payment Details
What is my deductible? +
There’s NO deductible. At the time of service, simply pay the dentist for treatment at the contracted rates.
How do I submit a claim form? +
There are no claim forms or reimbursement for your out-of-pocket expenses. Just pay your dentist for treatment at the discounted rates.
Billing and payment information +
How much does it cost to become a New Dental Choice member? +
Membership is $8 a month for individuals ($96 yearly), or $10 a month for families ($120 yearly). There’s a one-time, non-refundable activation fee of $25 for the monthly membership or $10 for the yearly membership. To join, simply fill out the online enrollment form or call one of our Plan Specialists at (888) 632-7558.
What forms of payment are accepted? +
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and bank account auto-debit. Or, with a yearly membership, you can pay by mailing us a check or money order.
Who do I make my check payable to? +
Checks should be made payable to New Dental Choice. Membership applications and payments received by mail will be processed within 24 business hours of receipt.
Do the member name and billing name need to be the same? +
No, payments can be made on behalf of the member by someone else. We’ll need the payer's full name, billing address, phone number and relation to the member.
If I make monthly payments, when are the payments processed? +
The initial monthly membership payment is processed within 24 business hours of receipt. All recurring monthly payments are processed each month on the day your plan membership became effective. For example, if your membership effective date was on the 10th of the month, your payments will be on the 10th of every month.
What if I want to change how often I pay for my membership? +
Simply call us at 888-632-3676, and we’ll be happy to help.
Participating dentists +
Is my dentist part of New Dental Choice? +
With over 100,000 dentist locations nationwide, your dentist may already be a participating New Dental Choice dentist. To look for your dentist or get a list of participating dentists in your area, click here.
Are New Dental Choice dentists licensed and insured? +
Yes, New Dental Choice participating dentists undergo stringent credentialing and re-credentialing reviews.
Plan information +
Is New Dental Choice a licensed plan? +
Yes, First Dental Health, the parent company of New Dental Choice, is licensed as a discount plan in all states that have a discount plan licensing requirement.
Why is state licensing important? +
State licensing means New Dental Choice members can be confident the plan meets the strictest regulatory standards in the U.S. With New Dental Choice, members enjoy safeguards other plans may not guarantee, like credentialed dentists, verifiable discounts, truth in advertising and a dispute resolution system for members.

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