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Our dental benefits help you save on your dental procedures

Some dental plans merely give you discounts on a limited number of dental procedures, with confusing fee schedules or percentage discounts, at only a handful of dentist locations. New Dental Choice members get comprehensive discounts for all common dental procedures, and have access to one of the largest dentist networks available.

Our plan allows saving on all dental procedures including:

Included Routine Care Restorative Care Major Treatments Orthodontics Cosmetics
Included Cleanings Silver Fillings Root Canals Child Braces Teeth Whitening
Included Exams White Fillings Wisdom Teeth Adult Braces Dental Implants
Included X-rays Crowns Gum Treatment Study Models Nitrous Sedation
Included Sealants Build Ups Bone Replacement Retainers Veneers
Included Space Maintainers Bridgeworks Dentures Night Guards

Know what you're paying for before you visit the dentist

New Dental Choice fee schedules are always available on our website, so you know what you're going to pay before you visit the dentist. We have pre-negotiated fees with all of our general dentists and specialists, so you'll never pay more than the contracted amount for your treatment.

As a New Dental Choice discount dental plan member, you can sign up today and begin using your membership right away!

Your membership offers you savings of up to 60 percent for all dental procedures. Your discounts may vary depending on the region you live in, so we have created a savings lookup, to make it easy to see just how much you can save as a New Dental Choice member. To view fee schedules, enter your local ZIP code, and you will instantly see your approximate savings displayed.

Your New Dental Choice dental membership includes savings on routine care, restorative care, orthodontics, and cosmetic procedures for every person included in your chosen plan.

Unlike most individual insurance plans, New Dental Choice offers no waiting periods, exclusions, restrictions, or age limits. Immediate activation in the plan allows you immediate access to savings on all dental treatments.

If you have questions or would like a guided tour of all the savings that your membership with New Dental Choice entitles you to, our friendly customer care team is waiting to hear from you! Contact us today and start to save right away!

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