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Individual Plan
$ 8 00 month*
or $ 96 00 yearly
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Family Plan
$ 10 00 month*
or $ 120 00 yearly
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How Dental Plans Work

Our dental plans are affordable. For a low monthly fee, individual and families are entitled to our pre-negotiated discounts on all common dental procedures at thousands of participating dentist locations nationwide.

Our dental plans are easy to use. Just present your New Dental Choice membership card to any participating dentist and receive savings on all dental care from routine check-ups to major treatments. It even includes cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and dental implants that are typically NOT covered by dental insurance plans.

Finally, our dental plans present no surprises. Your membership is effective immediately and plan acceptance is guaranteed. Best of all, there are no plan restrictions because your dental history is not a factor.

How much will you save?

A New Dental Choice membership can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on dental services without limitations! It works like your shopping club membership: You pay a low monthly or annual membership fee and get great discounts on everything you purchase, all the time!

We have negotiated discounts for all common dental procedures with our national network of general dentists and specialists. When you visit any of these general dentists or specialists, you'll pay the negotiated fee that can save you up to 60 percent off their regular fee for all the procedures you need.

Choosing a dentist is easy

New Dental Choice contracts with thousands of general dentists and specialists, so it's likely your current dentist may already be participating in our network. If not, relax – you can choose to nominate your dentist or choose a new participating dentist near you.

Prospective members often ask: "What kind of dentists are in the plan?" The answer is simple - it's the same network of dentists offered by major insurance carriers and Fortune 500 companies, so you can be confident you're getting premier dental care. Additionally, every dentist in our discount dental plan network undergoes credentialing review and follows to a state-approved quality guarantee plan. Our network of dentists is always available online - search today!