How the New Dental Choice dental discount plan works

What’s a dental discount plan?

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New Dental Choice can help you save.

How the New Dental Choice dental discount plan works

Dental savings for you and your family

New Dental Choice is a dental discount plan designed for anyone looking to save on the cost of dental care. For a low monthly or yearly membership fee, you’ll have access to discounts on all your dental procedures at any of our participating provider locations nationwide.

Easy steps to save on dental care

Step 1

Select your dental discount plan:
individual or family; monthly or yearly

Step 2

Click or call a plan specialist to join:

Is dental discount plan the right choice

Is a dental discount plan the right choice?

Do you fit into one of these groups, or know someone who does?

  • Not covered by an employer’s dental policy
  • Not covered by parents’ dental policy
  • Need a dental procedure not covered by your dental policy
  • Self-employed

New Dental Choice might be the solution. It’s different from insurance because there are no waiting periods, deductibles or spending limits—and no paperwork. You decide when to visit a dentist or specialist and how often. Dental care is provided at fixed, discounted rates. Just present your New Dental Choice membership card to any participating dentist and pay the office directly when you receive your care.

How can I save on dental care with New Dental Choice?

New Dental Choice saves you money on all your procedures, all the time—from routine check-ups to major treatments. As a member, you’ll receive immediate access to affordable dental care discounted between 15% and 60% off your dentist’s usual charges. Membership even includes discounts on cosmetic procedures, like teeth whitening and dental implants.

Your sample dental savings*

These cost comparisons are for illustrative purposes only.

Procedure       Typical price1      You pay2      You save2      Savings
 Oral exam $121 $47 $74 61%
 X-rays $172 $83 $89 52%
 Cavity filling $181 $94 $87 48%
Crown $1,402 $734 $668 48%

* Your sample savings is based on an average nationwide fee schedule
1 Typical price is the average 80th percentile of the 2021 Fairhealth fee schedule, a national profiling service
2 Amount paid and saved are the average of savings nationwide, and vary by dentist and region