Family Dental Plans
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Family dental plans
Individual Plan
$ 8 00 month*
or $ 96 00 yearly
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Family Plan

Family dental plans that families can afford

At New Dental Choice, our family dental plans are guaranteed to help your family smile brighter at a price you will love. Designed for two or more people that includes you, your spouse or partner, and/or your eligible dependents including your children up to the age of 26.

With the New Dental Choice Family Dental Plan you get:

  • Unlimited savings on all common dental procedures, all the time
  • Access to thousands of credentialed general dentists and specialists
  • Savings of up to 60 percent when you visit a participating general dentist or specialist
  • Immediate plan activation - even for major procedures
  • A comprehensive plan that includes cosmetic dentistry

New Dental Choice’s family discount dental plan offers your entire family savings of up to 60 percent across our nationwide network of licensed dental professionals. Your family discount dental plan includes access to thousands of premier dental professionals.

There are no waiting periods, no complex forms to fill out, and no confusing fee schedules to navigate through. Best of all, the family dental plans of New Dental Choice offer instant activation upon acceptance of membership!

As a licensed dental plan, New Dental Choice provides authentic, enforceable savings, true and accurate advertising, and a no-stress customer support system in the event of a question or dispute. Begin using your plan today!

* A one time, non-refundable activation fee ($10.00 for yearly payment or $25.00 for monthly payments) will be applied

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