Individual Dental Plans
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Individual dental plans
Individual Plan
$ 8 00 month*
or $ 96 00 yearly
Family Plan
$ 10 00 month*
or $ 120 00 yearly
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Individual dental plans that you can afford

With New Dental Choice, you'll find that our individual dental plans fit both your budget and your individual dental care needs. We know that when you are searching for dental care, you want an easy, stress-free, affordable plan that takes the worry out of dental care. Whether you are a student, a young professional, a senior, or a single adult head of household, we have a plan for you.

With the New Dental Choice Individual Dental Plan, you get:

  • Unlimited savings on all dental services, all the time
  • Access to thousands of credentialed general dentists and specialists
  • Savings of up to 60 percent when you visit a participating general dentist or specialist
  • Immediate plan activation - even for major procedures
  • A comprehensive plan that includes cosmetic dentistry

Our individual discount dental plans can help you afford high-quality dental services. With your New Dental Choice individual discount dental plan, you gain access to thousands of credentialed general dentists and specialists with savings of up to 60 percent on all common dental procedures. Your comprehensive New Dental Choice individual discount dental plan activates immediately - even for major procedures. Individual discount dental plans with New Dental Choice are comprehensive and even include cosmetic dentistry.

New Dental Choice's individual dental plans provide you with an affordable way to keep your smile white and bright today and for years to come. If you should ever have a question about your plan, our individual dental plans are accompanied by our friendly customer care team who can help you make the most of your dental plan.

Best of all, our individual dental plans are easy to use. There are no deductibles, no waiting periods, no restrictions and no complicated fee structures. It is so easy to get started; you won't believe you waited so long to obtain affordable individual dental care. Begin using your plan today!

* A one time, non-refundable activation fee ($10.00 for yearly payment or $25.00 for monthly payments) will be applied

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