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Dental Brokers Can Now Offer Our Dental Plans

Are you struggling to find an affordable and flexible dental plan to meet your clients' needs? New Dental Choice may be the perfect plan for you because it eliminates the typical underwriting and participation hurdles associated with dental insurance plans, so enrolling your clients is easy. Get appointed and learn more about our dental plan and commission structures.

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Download the W9 Agreement Getting started with New Dental Choice is as easy as submitting an Agent Agreement and a W-9 form. Download the forms and send them to:

New Dental Choice
5771 Copley Dr., Ste. 101
San Diego, CA 92111

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FAX: (866) 317-2531

Upon the receipt of the Agent Agreement and a W-9 form you will receive an email with your executed Agreement, your broker ID, an order form for free customized marketing materials, a resource guide and an ACH form for automatic deposit of your commission.

Call 888-632-8181 if you have any questions.