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It's easy. New Dental Choice has taken the guesswork out of how much you pay for dental care by negotiating reduced fees with our network of dentists. To calculate the savings in your area simply enter your zip code above (fee schedules can vary by provider and by region). Our network includes thousands of fully licensed dentists.

Using the New Dental Choice plan is easy! Simply show your membership card at the office of any participating dentist or specialist. Find out how easy it is to save 15% to 60% off the regular price for the dental procedures you need.

Our comprehensive dental plan will save you money on all procedures, all the time including:

  • check ups, cleanings
  • x-rays and sealants
  • fillings and crowns
  • root canals
  • gum treatment
  • tooth extractions (including wisdom teeth)
  • dentures, bridges
  • braces, retainers
  • teeth whitening
  • dental implants